Kate Lambrick

Homeopathy For Your Family and Pets

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Kate Lambrick

Homeopathy For Your Family And Pets

Health Happiness Harmony

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Would you like to feel better emotionally and physically?

More energy?

Better sleep?

More joy?

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Physically and emotionally strong?

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About Kate

Hi, I’m Kate Lambrick. I graduated from Southern School of Natural Therapies as a Naturopath and Homeopath in 2002. After practicing for some years I felt driven to further my knowledge and expertise in Homeopathy, so in 2012 I spent 2 years in India and studied a Post Graduate in Homeopathy, where I was fortunate to study with some excellent Homeopathic Doctors.  Today I work in a fabulous Homeopathic clinic in Victoria, Australia and consult with clients both in-person and online. 


Not only is Kate, who I would highly recommend, a wonderful homeopath who continually exceeds my expectations, she is a warm, caring & delightful person – she makes you feel welcomed the moment you enter her space. Her knowledge & guidance has supported my family naturally through many situations & illnesses, & we are beyond grateful for her support, time & healing.
I had extreme pain mid menstrual cycle. After seeing a specialist I was diagnosed with a uterine polyp. It was highly recommended that I have surgery immediately to remove my polyp, I was told no natural remedy would remove it. I quickly made an appointment with Kate.  After 2-3 months of taking Kate’s administered homeopathic remedy… it was gone!



Kate is empathic, thorough and a dedicated homeopath.

I have a dual heart condition of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy and Atrial Flutter that needs medical intervention to correct this.  Since taking remedies from Kate, my energy has increased so I can now go for walks with my dog and my husband.  My medication has now been reduced and I am able to come out of Atrial Flutter without intervention.  This condition is not treatable by Western Medicine.

I highly recommend Kate and Homeopathy.



My experience with Kate and Homeopathy is relief, educational, and wonder – that these tiny little white pills have so much power.  I had experienced extremely heavy periods for some time, off the scale heavy.  My GP suggested hormonal or elective surgical treatments which I refused on the basis that this would do more harm than good.  My quality of life has changed exponentially and “that time of the month” is no longer a huge factor in planning my activities.   Previously I would not travel on those days nor go anywhere too far from home – this has been life changing for me.

I would definitely recommend Kate and Homeopathy.



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