Dogs are a great addition to the family, whether you’re single, in a relationship or have kids, dogs will be everyone’s best, most loyal friend you could ever wish for.  They want to please you as this is how they will be more sure of remaining in your pack.  For this reason, they aren’t actually ever ‘bad’ they just need to learn what it is you want them to do.  Rolling in a dead animal is heaven for them not ‘bad’.  You just need to teach them that isn’t what you want them to do and trust me, they will stop it.  They just need gentle guidance.  Yelling or hitting your dog doesn’t achieve anything except making your dog more anxious and feel awful.  This is not how they learn anything.  Being kind and gently guiding them away from the dead animal works.  It may take a few tries as this is something they love.  A dog is a big commitment and they will be with you for maybe up to 15 years so you need to be sure you’re up for it.  It will bring you so much joy but before bringing a dog in to your home, there are a few things to consider first.

1  What breed of dog are you considering? 

If you love walks, hiking, bike riding, running so lead a very active life, you will do well with an active dog who would love to join you on your adventures.  If you prefer a more sedentary life, or you have an injury and can’t exercise very much, you would be much better off with a smaller dog that requires less exercise and one that won’t pull you over when you walk them.  Dogs need to be walked ideally twice a day.  A walk is about exercise, stimulation and learning.  Each time you walk you are building a relationship with your dog, teaching them about socialising, training and fun, so if you are unable to walk your dog you need to find a dog walker who can make sure they are walked ideally twice daily.

2  Are you happy to have your dog living inside with you?

Dogs are pack animals.  When you bring your dog home, they are going to see themselves as a part of the pack and will want to know where you are all the time.  If you leave your dog outside, this is very stressful for them as they can’t ‘look out for you’ if they can’t see you or be around you.  This is a very outdated way of thinking about a dog that they ‘belong outside’.  If you have a baby, you will notice your dog will want to be near to protect the baby.  If someone comes near the pram who is a stranger, your dog will be there for protection.  They know the baby cannot fend for itself so they will often sleep near the baby and alert you if something isn’t right.

3  Are you bringing another dog in to your home?

If you already have a dog, you need to consider how they will get along.  You will ideally match the energy of the first dog so they will get along.  There is a process to helping them get to know each other and if they don’t get along, seriously think about your choice of second dog.  If they can meet first and you can see how they get along or not, this is really important.  They will also be teaching the new dog the ‘house rules’ and the new dog will be looking for guidance.

4  Are you ready for a dog to come in to your life?

Dogs read energy.  If you are afraid, they will look for what is causing you anxiety eg another big dog and will do whatever they can to protect you.  This can mean trying to attack the other dog.  You need to learn to not be afraid, or to not let them know.  They read energy from other dogs too so there will be dogs they know just want to play and they will know dogs that are more aggressive so will either try to avoid them or again, try to protect you or defend themselves.  If you are arguing, they will pick up on this and will become distressed.  Yep, everything you do affects your dog.

Once you find the right dog for you and your lifestyle, rest assured they will be the love of your life and bring you never ending joy, love, cuddles and lots of laughter.

If you are looking for natural health solutions for your new puppy or dog, I work with dogs using Homeopathy and diet to give them the healthiest life possible.  Go here to book a free chat to see if I can help you.