After such an unpredictable 2020, we are now preparing for school to start back again.  Just prior to kids returning to school, we saw so many kids experiencing anxiety often for the first time.  This was true for kids of all ages, from primary right through to year 12.  Despite the consistency for these kids with having their education and socialisation disrupted, there are so many reasons why each of them present with anxiety.  For many it’s about adjusting from being at home 24-7 to going back to school and navigating the intellectual and social pressures of school.  Or for those kids who dislike a change in routine.  They had finally become comfortable being at home and then had to deal with a change again in going back to school.  Then for those kids who love being at home and became very comfortable with this, then going back to school was creating sleep problems, anxiety and tantrums, disrupting family life for everyone.

The other issue with kids returning to school was that for many months in Melbourne, they were at home not mixing with other people.  I’m guessing that this along with high stress levels created a compromised immune system so we saw a big rise in kids getting sick, bringing it home and sharing it lovingly with their baby sister or brother and of course parents too.

Parents haven’t had the best time in 2020 with homeschooling being the norm.  For some, they’ve loved and embraced it, but for others trying to juggle work, home and home schooling in ‘spare time’ it’s been an extremely stressful year.  The stress has engulfed us globally in some way or other, no matter how we feel about this current situation.  Managing this stress has not always been easy and we are facing 2021 with some hesitancy about what this year holds.  It’s not possible to plan far ahead ‘just in case’ and holidays out of our state is not a favoured option at the moment.  Although we don’t know what’s in store for us this year, we can try to prepare for it as best we can now, before we start to have trouble sleeping, eating – too much or too little – low energy levels, irritability and so on. 

We have lots of options for you so you can begin the year in a better frame of mind or at least with something to help you along the way.  We’d love to help you and your kids start the year off feeling a little calmer and with a strong immune system.

Everyday Emotions Kit

This is a small kit with remedies and a couple of supplements to support you and your family specifically with stress and anxiety. 

Or if you would like a Constitutional Consultation to work out your specific remedy, this will help you on a much deeper level build your immune system and calm yours and your loved ones nervous system.

For Adults and Kids over 12 Years


For 12 years and older  we have Neuro Calm to help alleviate stress for older kids and of course adults.  We also have Myoplex to help your nervous system and ease your muscles.  Then of course Bassica to help nourish your body with loads of magnesium, keeping you calm and energised throughout the day.  There are also Practitioner Products of Andrographis, Echinacea, Five Mushroom Complex, Vitamin D and Vitamin C.

Herbal Medicine

We have Vital Potions Herbal Medicine Sleep Tonic to help with sleep and nervous system issues.  There is an Adrenal Tonic to gently nourish your adrenals without over stimulating them which will help keep you calm and deal with everything you need to deal with and less stress.

Kid’s Range


Calm Care For Kids (for 12 years and under) is a practitioner only tasty powder to assist with alleviating stress levels and helping with sleep. 

We also have many other products for stress for little ones including Calm Plus which has bach flowers and Aconite to help calm your frazzled nerves. 

Herbal Medicine

Vital Potions have a very drinkable herbal tea range for kids with a Kid’s Sleep Tonic and a Kid’s Coughs and Colds Tea

Immune Booster

Vital Potions have now created an Immune Tonic made from herbal medicine in pear juice rather than alcohol making it a lot more palatable for kids or those who struggle with herbal medicines.  If you prefer the Alcohol Tinctures, we have you covered with lots of options including Lung Tonic, Coughs and Colds, and many more.

Come in and chat to Kate or Leiah so we can help you with whatever it is you are needing to

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