Do you suffer from:

  • Headaches
  • Digestive issues
  • Constipation / Diarrhoea
  • Joint pain
  • Itchy skin
  • PMS
  • Thrush
  • Asthma
  • And so on……..

These may be issues where you can’t find anything clinically wrong with you or nothing you do seems to work.  Even when you have a very clean diet, exercise and still it makes not difference.  Chances are there is a food you aren’t tolerating.  There is a test that looks at 600 different foods and whether they are compatible to your body’s cells.  This test I have found to be incredibly accurate and choosing the foods that are compatible with your body and avoiding those that aren’t, you should expect to see a shift in some of your symptoms within a week or two.

Some foods you may have always felt they just didn’t sit well in your body.  Others you may not have noticed such a pronounced effect. 

The beauty of this test is that it takes out the guess work so helps you manage your symptoms a lot faster than cutting out the more obvious foods.

When following this program, you need to cut the foods out for 6 months, over which time we can look at healing your body and then you can retest for these foods which you may then be able to eat again. 

This test is available for babies and mums if your baby is having digestive or skin issues or just not sleeping, it maybe something you are eating and they are getting through your breast milk.  It’s possible to do a test for your baby to see what that is.

For your pet we can get a small hair sample to see what foods may be creating their itchy skin, digestive issues or if they are getting fleas or worms.

Contact Kate at Wholistic Health Macedon Ranges or book in a 15 minute free consult to see if this is a good fit for you.

Special – Cost $247 for the month of July 2021 and from August 1 2021 $273