There is a very good reason this phrase has been used for so many years.  They have been living with humans for over 30,000 years.  They are said to have a gut biome more similar to humans than any other animal, possibly due to the fact that they have been living and eating with us for so long.  Dogs are communal animals, living in a pack and protecting each other as a very strong team.  They will behave exactly like this with us, their human pack.  Our dogs are dependent on us these days to live.  For their food, shelter, warmth and love and in return they are fiercely loyal, loving unconditionally and would go to almost any length to save us from harm.

Dogs will love us no matter what we do – sometimes to their own detriment.  Their loyalty is so strong and there are many stories of dogs rescuing their owners or members of their ‘human pack’.  If there is any danger, our dogs will try to warn us and protect us from whatever the harm may be, even if it means them suffering in the process.  They will alert you to the smell of smoke if it’s around and you are sleeping.  When a baby is born, they will be fiercely protective as they seem to know they are your dependent little precious bundle and a part of their pack.  They are also known for detecting diseases or injuries you may have with their amazing sense of smell.

Dogs have inbuilt in them a need to please you.  You are their pack and they can’t risk being thrown out of the pack.  Just like your toddler is completely dependent on you, so is your fur baby.  They read energy from us and other animals so if you are sad, they read it and will want to be there for you.  This is why they make such amazing therapy dogs, helping kids with behaviour issues or disabilities and young homeless people.  In fact, they are your very own therapy right there.  Next time you’re struggling to sleep, try snuggling with your pooch.  They will be there for you no matter what.  If you are happy, they know it and will respond.  If you are angry, they will most likely be frightened or try to do something so you will praise them.  There are many stories of dogs laying on their owners grave.  They will never forget you or stop loving you.  I was taught that you should never have to hit your dog or yell at your dog.  They only want to please you, so it’s your responsibility to show them what it is they need to do to please you.  Whether this is doing tricks, sleeping in a crate, on the floor, in their own bed or sharing yours, where you want them to eat and the list goes on.  If they aren’t behaving the way you want them to, you may need to find out how you can do things differently and yelling or hitting your dog just won’t help. 

If they are chewing your furniture, barking too much etc whatever it is, it is you as their human owner needs to learn how to redirect them or help them learn what it is you want them to do or not to do.  There are some great doggy people out there you can learn tricks from.  Cesar Milan the Mexican ‘Dog Whisperer’ has loads of free youtube videos to teach you all kinds of ways to help you and your dog.  He consistently rescues extremely aggressive dogs and trains them very quickly to be loving and gentle.  Dogs are never too old to learn, and will learn very very quickly.